Sunday, May 8, 2016

Lighting without extra textures, and materials. Part I.

This description alone is not enough for the lighting. It makes only an emission, and add glow. To get a usable streetlight please read the second part of this Blog Entry.
The first ting is, You must create a UV channel, and move The UV islands of the bulb in to the corner(for example: upper right corner)

You must add a GenerateBand node to the material. It create a line onto the texture from its constants. 
Repeat the previous step, and add a Boolean constant to the direction switch parameter of the second GenerateBand node.
Add a multiply node, to get the common area of the two GenerateBand node. This area covering the UV islands of the bulb.
Quite poorly lit.
To increase lighting strength, and set lighting color, you must add two multiply node. For usable lighting set the constant between 20-300.
The end result.

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